Welcome to Ensens Perfumery

At Ensens, we strongly believe in a fragrance’s ability to conjure unseen worlds.


As we all know, the power of a good scent is equal to that of sight and sound. A great scent has the power to make you return to a particular world again and again. You can travel via the mind-nose connection to larger collective spaces.

Our Story


Our Mission

We are a team of young innovators who believe that the best kind of work is done when you’re having fun while doing it.

We are revolutionizing perfumery, by empowering consumers with the total freedom to curate their fragrance. Shrey Paun, the Master Perfumer finds inspiration in all aspects of modern perfumery, and captures the essence of human emotions in every vial of fragrance.

Ensens perfumery aims to provide India and the world with the luxury of sustainable, yet affordable designer fragrances for daily wear, customised to their personalities & preferences.

We are constantly experimenting to perfect the science and create for you, the ultimate perfumes.

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