Nargis + Summer Blossom60ML x 2 EAU DE PARFUM FOR WOMEN

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Elevate your fragrance collection with our Women’s Floral Perfume Combo. 

Introducing Nargis, a timeless fragrance inspired by the allure of Royal Indian Rose, fit for a queen and radiating elegance and grace. Complementing this is Summer Blossom, a delicate White Floral scent that captures the essence of blooming flowers with a feminine and classy aura. 

Immerse yourself in the perfect balance of sophistication and femininity with this captivating combo. Unleash your inner beauty and let your scent speak volumes of your refined taste.



  • Base notes : Saffron, Plum
  • Heart Notes : Rose Damask, Neroli
  • Top : White Musk, Vanilla

Summer Blossom

  • Base notes : Vanilla Bean, Benzoin, Musk
  • Heart Notes : Plumeria, Water Lily
  • Top : Green Apple, Lemongrass
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